Students Park For $12 Every Day
Level 3A or Level 4

Swipe | Park |Pay

Ditch the daily trek to campus and park at Broadway Sydney - a 5 minute walk from your university.


Simply purchase a $30 pass card the first time you park to enjoy a $12 daily parking on Level 3A or Level 4 from Monday to Friday.


Present to the carpark office, provide your student ID, fill in the student parking application form.

You will be given a Broadway Sydney Student pass card which you will purchase for $30 (non-refundable). This pass can be used to swipe into any entry (no need to pull a ticket form the machine) and then proceed up to Level 3A or 4 where you can swipe the pass card into the student area.

Upon exit, insert the student parking card into an autopay machine where it will request a $12 all day payment. Once paid it will grant you exit out of the student area.   


For more information visit our friend Customer Service team located on Level 2.