Dine & Discover Voucher


Take your next trip to the movies up a notch and pay for movie tickets, Candy Bar treats and more with your NSW Government Vouchers. 

HOYTS on level 2 is now accepting Dine & Discover vouchers. You can redeem you Dine NSW voucher in cinema only and redeem you Discover NSW voucher in cinema and online. 


There are bespoke packages redeemable with your vouchers exclusive to the cinema:

Dine NSW Vouchers - $25 each

Complete treat combo (includes a regular popcorn and popcorn, choc top and confectionery)

Family combo (includes 4 x snack popcorns and drinks)

HOYTS LUX main meal and entree 

Dine NSW vouchers are valid Monday - Thursday (excluding public holidays) 

Discover NSW - $25 each 

Double movie ticket*

Movie ticket* and regular combo (includes regular popcorn and drink)

HOYTS LUX ticket*

Discover NSW vouchers are valid any day of the week (excluding public holidays) 


More details can be found here


*T&Cs: Dine & Discover NSW vouchers are valid until 30 June 2021 and cannot be redeemed for cash or alcohol. Online booking fees per ticket apply. For full terms of use of the Dine & Discover NSW vouchers click here.