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Shepherd's Artisan Bakehouse is now open
Ground Level

Discover the brand new store at Broadway Sydney.

Is there anything nicer than the smell and taste of freshly baked bread, served straight from the oven?  It’s something so simple, but it instantly conjures up all the “feel good” emotions for many of us.  Whether it’s the family dinner table or a social get-together, bread is the common denominator for a lot of heart-warming times...


For Shepherd’s Artisan Bakehouse, the newest member of the Broadway family, the joy they see on customer’s faces when they hold a loaf of freshly baked sourdough is worth all the early mornings and painstaking hand-crafting.  Sharing the love of quality artisan food is what inspired them to begin their business, and it’s what drives them still…


The Back Story.

For over 15 years, Shepherd’s have carved a niche for themselves at various farmers markets throughout Sydney and regional NSW.  From humble beginnings with a small one-man bakery and a simple ‘bread run’ in the Blue Mountains, the business has grown to include three bakery cafes, over 10 regular market stalls and an online home delivery service.

In the process, the three owners of Shepherd’s have been lucky enough to connect with many dedicated and passionate farmers and producers who have become suppliers and collaborators .  Their beautiful, NSW grown ingredients - including flour from the third-generation Dubbo farming and milling family behind Ben Furney Mills, is the inspiration for their expanding product range.


The Products.

From producing a small number of slow-fermented sourdough loaves each day, the team at Shepherd’s now handmake over 100 different baked goodies every day.  From classics like their famous Almond Croissant to gluten free gourmet pies with world-flavour inspired fillings, they’ve got something to suit every taste and every dietary need.

This is, in fact, what Shepherd’s director Jack Mitri believes is one of their key points of difference from other bakeries.

“There are a lot of good bakers in Sydney, but we believe we’re different in our focus on products being wholesome as well as delicious, and our focus on meeting a variety of dietary needs.  We reckon everyone should be able to indulge in a beautiful dessert, a delicious hot pie or a thick slice of toast with butter if they want - no matter what they can or can’t eat.”

It was this belief that drove Shepherd’s to partner with their ‘little sister’ business, Nice Kitty Co. in 2019 to bring an expert on clean, vegan and allergy-friendly food to the party.  The Nice Kitty range has been a roaring success, with their 100% natural sweet products (which boast no refined sugar, gluten, dairy or animal products) a popular addition to coffee orders and online shops from day dot.


The Philosophy.

With such a broad product range, there needs to be a unifying them, and the theme at Shepherd’s is simple.

“Quality has always been our overriding principle”, says Shepherd’s director Jack.

“It doesnt matter which products you’re talking about, from wholesome sourdough to our award-winning sausage rolls, it’s that ‘close your eyes and say mmmm’ moment when you bite into our products that we’re striving for.”

Shepherd’s are also proud of their ongoing efforts in reducing the size of the bakery's environmental footprint.  It’s a big challenge for any food service business, where stringent hygiene and food safety standards often mean disposable items appear to be the cleanest option.  But, from biodegradable serving ware in their cafes to initiatives like reusing day-old sourdough as breadcrumbs in their sausage rolls, the Shepherd’s team continue to make aspects of their business more sustainable, one step at a time.


Discover what quality, baking tastes like from June 1st at Shepherd’s Artisan Bakehouse, on the ground floor opposite Coles.