Your Local Legends

 Get to know May, the store manager of Little Duck Cafe at Broadway. Throughout lockdown, she has continued to work at Little Duck Cafe to serve our local community!

Q) What do you love the most about your job and business?

Connecting with different people from different background on daily basis. I believe everyone has a story. They come get coffee from us, they share their stories. Sharing the stories of the defining moment in their lives goes further than a simple barista-customer relationship. We connect at a deeper level. It takes time, patience, consideration and ongoing attention. From there, we identify the needs of customers so we can serve them in a way they appreciate. We know our customer’s names, their usual drinks or just how they like their food to be cooked.

Satisfying our customers is our top priority in such an extremely competitive industry - and we are 100% happy to do so.


Q) What’s the first thing you will do when lockdown ends?

Catching up with my girlfriends!

Before lockdown, my girlfriends insisted on me to bring them to the The Little Duck to try out the menu. I promised to shout them brunch! So that’s definitely the first thing I’ll do right after our café dining area is reopened.


Q) What is the go-to thing you order for the table?

It has to be my all-time favourite bacon egg roll and supernova smoothie. The way they make it at the Little Duck is exactly what I like. I love the combo ofTurkish bread with the relish and aioli sauce. Personally, I add some smash avocado to spice it up. It’s incredibly delicious.

Supernova is my go to smoothie. It's perfect for brekkie because it isn't too heavy. It has lychee, watermelon, strawberry and mint, so super refreshing in the summer time. That’s what I always recommend to all customers when they are coming to Little Duck for the first time.


Q)What does your ideal weekend look like?

A perfect weekend for mealways involves some kind of outdoor activity and being close to the nature. Eating good food and spending valuable time with my good friends is always a plus too.

I love waking up early when the city is still dark and quiet. I go for my morning Bay run with my girlfriends near my place. On the way home, I grab coffee and some pastries for my brekkie. Sometimes, I get some turmeric latte or sticky chai tea to mix it up my order. My friends then come over for lunch. We cook or do take away if we want to try out new restaurant menu!