Spooky-Sweet Halloween Treats


Hallowed Halloween is upon us! Welcome to the season of creepy cobwebs, petrifying parties and most importantly, tantalising treats as far as the eyes can see. To celebrate the most frightful October occasion this year, we’ve crafted three simple, sweet and spooky recipes for you to devour while celebrating. Follow the recipes step-by-step or take some creative freedom and spin them into your own masterpieces. In just four simple moves we’ll show you how to easily turn basic ingredients found in your local supermarket into


Halloween-inspired critters to craft at home with your friends and family - scheming witches, mischievous monsters and blood-splattered ghosts, all of which will haunt and delight you this Halloween.


First up, meet the witches — peeping out from underneath their chocolate buttercream hats, curious and scheming and definitely not to be trusted! This recipe riffs on the classic Oreo biscuit, which sees extra layers of creamy frosting added for a little delicious luxury. Create a mini army of witches for the ultimate spooky trick or spin your own web on the recipe by switching up the colours of the icing or sprinkling their hats with gold dust.


Next, it’s time to dial up the spooky-sweet with our mischievous, colourful doughnut mischievous monsters. Start with a humble cinnamon doughnut then mix up any vibrant colour that catches your eye, and allow the icing to drrriiipp slowly down the sides. Don’t forget their eyes, teeth and concerned eyebrows — this is key to their character and makes each monster unique and suspicious. For extra oomph, try swirling two colours together for the base, or add legs, stripes or other features with your favourite treats.


Last but not least are a swarm of blood-splattered ghosts, floating in from their latest Adventure. Where have they been? It’s best not to ask! Roll the fondant thin and carefully drape them over the lollipop bases to create their unmistakable, billowy ghost shape. The vibrant, viscous, terrifying blood drips and oozes over the ghosts, hand-in-hand with their spooky faces. For a healthier twist, swap out the cupcake base for a vibrant green apple, crunchy and fresh.


The Witches



1 packet Oreos

400g vanilla frosting

400g chocolate frosting

Gold sprinkles/stars

Edible eyes

Green food dye

Piping bag with plain nozzle



1. In a bowl, mix the vanilla frosting and a few drops of green food dye together until combined and spoon into a piping bag with a plain nozzle attached.

2. Split the Oreos in half and pipe the green frosting into the middle. Press two eyes onto the green frosting to make the witches face.

3. Place the chocolate frosting into a clean piping bag and pipe the witches’ hats onto the top of the Oreos.

4. To finish, sprinkle the tops of the hats with gold sprinkles or edible stars.


Blood-Splattered Ghosts



4 chocolate cupcakes with frosting

1 packet white fondant icing

Red food dye

½ cup of pure icing sugar

4 spherical lollipops

1 packet black fondant icing



1. Place the lollipops in the center of the cupcakes.

2. Roll out the white fondant to 1mm thick and cut into 12cm circles. Drape the circles over the lollipops and allow them to fall into their ghostly shapes.

3. Mix the icing sugar and a few drops of food colouring together, add more food colouring until you get your desired colour. The mixture will be dry at first, but will quickly turn into a dense liquid — it should be thin enough to drip slowly and not so much that it will quickly run off the ghosts. Add a few drops of water if the mixture is the correct colour but needs loosening. Using a spoon, drip the icing over the ghosts, allowing it to slowly creep downwards.

4. Using the black fondant, create two circular eyes and an oval mouth for each ghost and stick onto the wet icing.


Mischievous Monsters



8 cinnamon doughnut

2 cups icing sugar

4 food dyes (in whatever colours you’d like your monsters)

Lolly teeth

Regular and mini M&M’s (sorted by colour)

Edible eyes

1 packet black fondant icing



1. Firstly divide your icing sugar up into four separate bowls, add a few drops of food dye into each and mix thoroughly until combined —it should be thin enough to drip slowly and not so much that it will quickly run. Add a few drops of water if the mixture is the correct colour but needs loosening.

2. Spoon the icing onto the top of each donut, allowing the mixture to naturally drip down over the sides.

3. Cut the gums off the lolly teeth and shorten the ends so they’ll fit nicely in the hole of the donut. Place them around the top and bottom of the doughnut hole to create the monster's mouths.

4. Decorate the bodies with both sizes of the M&M’s and add their concerned eyebrows with small pieces of rolled black fondant.