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Feed the Family with Craig Cook The Natural Butcher

With so much time being spent at home it can become challenging constantly thinking of something to cook for dinner, we feel your pain! Craig Cook The Natural Butcher is making it easy for you. They have a huge range of delicious products that are perfect for the entire family (psst… it’s great value too)!


Check out these latest specials that are super easy to cook and delicious to eat. Share it with the family or enjoy it in your own company, there is something everyone:


Family Size Pies

These pies are a great option to share, they are hand made by Craig Cook The Natural Butcher’s in-house chef using all natural ingredients, for only $24.95! And better yet, there are 5 different and delicious flavours for you to try (one for every day of the work week!).


All natural ingredients Family Size Lasagne

This lasagne is of the finest quality and rich flavours. An easy family favour for 4-6 people. Enjoy it now for only $29.95.



Beef Wellington

Who doesn’t love a delicious pastry? These Beef Wellingtons are made with Grass fed Angus steak with bacon and mushrooms and a dash of Dianne sauce, and for a limited time they are buy one get one free.



Chicken Breast, Ham and Cheese Filo

New product alert! These Chicken breast fillet, ham and cheese rolled in Filo Pastry, come ready to be oven baked and now available too for $8.95.



HomemadeSausage Rolls

For a limited time, you can buy 10 of these delicious sausage rolls for just $20. Perfect if you have picky eaters.