Mr Wu article

The Home of Food, Art & Entertainment in Broadway

Mr. Wu extends a warm welcome to all this holiday season! The whole family is invited to join in the festivities at Broadway Sydney, with continuous events over the holiday season. 


Located in Broadway Sydney, Mr. Wu is easily accessible to customers with prams, bags and shopping trolleys to allow for a quick and enjoyable break from your busy day.  The ability to have a quick drink, sit down and enjoy a range of Asian cuisine appeals to many loyal customers who often visit several times a week. Broadway Sydney hosts various family-friendly activities, a play area for children, and a variety of shops that cater to all ages. Mr. Wu itself also hosts various short films and movies inside of their restaurant to add an entertainment factor to each meal, allowing customers to watch whilst dining alone or in a group.


Along with this, an abundance of undercover parking provides a break from the heat or rain while you enjoy your delicious Mr. Wu experience.


The visually appealing décor and energetic atmosphere allows for a location that many call their favourite restaurant in Broadway Sydney. A focus has been placed on food, art and entertainment, providing a complete package for customers. With dumplings and rice dishes proving to be highly popular, Mr. Wu has also introduced a new beverage, the ‘Broadway Walk’, to accompany these meals. This new drink combines a touch of alcohol with a fresh summer feel to rejuvenate and refresh your energy while you are shopping for your friends and family this holiday season.